I first started collecting information on the Sebley family of Cambridge back in 2001/2002, however it was not until 2010 that I actually had the time to take it further. Surprisingly, I have managed to gather a lot of info together in only a few months.

Thanks to picking the brains of various relatives, and especially Michael & Caroline (nee Sebley) Kearley.



The one big point of note is that all the Cambridge Sebley's should have in fact been Sibley's............James Sebley changed the name before he married Jane Barson.

Interesting to note that his son Henry eventually changed back to Sibley, so I would guess they all knew of the change.

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Granddaughter Georgia Mclean, born 29/12/2013



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SIBLEY: Locations of Dorset & Cambridge

EDWARDS: Loactions in Cambridgeshire

CORLEY: Locations in Cambridge & Suffolk

PAPWORTH: Locations in Cambridgeshire and most Fenland Counties

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